In order to ensure that our clients continue to receive the best service the industry can provide,
we constantly monitor client communications and escalate to management and the Board of Directors,
any issues that may interfere with client satisfaction.

If you have something to share which will help us provide better service, or if you have not received service that you are in any way dissatisfied with, please take not of our Ensured Satisfaction Program Guide below.

If you do not receive a response through any of the following means, visit our office and speak with the CEO directly.

Step 1 - Report

We appreciate your time and ask that you provide us with a detailed description of any circumstances which may have resulted in your dissatisfaction with our service. 

We will immediately take action in addressing any concerns by bringing your concerns to Management who will call you immediately to discuss a resolution and likely come to a resolution quickly.

Submissions can be made by:
EMail to:

Mail to:
Compliance Department
Endeavor Trust Corporation
Suite 702 - 777 Hornby Street,
Vancouver, BC, V6Z 1S4

Fax to:

Step 2 - Escalation

Should a resolution not be achieved in Step 1, management is instructed to report directly to the board without delay and escalate the issue.

The Board of Directors will direct the appropriate committee to investigate and create a potential resolution to any issues and report their findings to the Board.  The committee may present amendments to the company procedures.

A proposed resolution will be provided to Management for presentation to you for your satisfaction. 

You will be notified by management of a resolution and discuss your level of satisfaction.

Step 3 - Arbitration

Should you still not be satisfied with our suggested resolution, both yourself and Endeavor can agree on an independent arbitrator who can listen to both sides and make a determination of the best course of action.

Decisions made by arbitrator will be binding on both parties.