Monthly / Annual Fees

$0. We are both a Canadian and a US Transfer Agent and we don't charge monthly fees to be your agent. We only charge when we do actual work such as treasury orders, transfers, corporate actions, or escrow and other agreements.

US Co-Agent Fees

$0 if we are your primary agent. If we are just a co-agent then we charge an annual fee. Since we are a Canadian and a US transfer agent you don't need to appoint two transfer agents. We can do it all.

Rush Fees

We do not charge rush fees. We process our transactions fast so there is no need to pay us for the fast service we already provide.

Setup fees on new accounts

$0 Setup fees. We don't charge you money to give us your business.

Fee Schedule

Ask us for our full Fee Schedule and we'll send it to you.

DTC Eligibility

We connect you with an Underwriter who can assist with your DTC eligibility quickly and efficiently. Our role in the process is to provide confirmations to FINRA, DTC, and the Exchanges.